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Adam holds an M. A in Creative Non-Fiction Writing. Adam teaches courses on Hellenistic astrology, Yoga Philosophy, and Horary Astrology, and is an aspiring student of Bhakti yoga. Adam offers natal chart readings, horary consultations, and intensive training courses in traditional, Hellenistic astrology and Horary astrology, online.

Check out everything Adam is up to at:. Thank You for watching! Pluto Direct!

Nadiya Shah: The 2020s: From Earth to Air

Sept Oct 5, Astrology Horoscope. To find out how all this wonderful stuff this week speaks to you in your sign, visit my website nadiyashah. Please be sure to subscribe and click the bell on the lower right of the video, to get instant notifications via Youtube and whenever new videos are published. The Latest Weekly Horoscopes is already up and ready for listening! Please be sure to subscribe to get instant notifications, on Youtube and whenever new Podcasts are published.

Advance copies are on sale for just 6 more days! The youtube videoscope is currently uploading and should be ready in the next 90 minutes or so. Saturn is direct!

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Saturn Direct Manifest Big Dreams! Sept Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah.

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Are you ready for the. Royal Mystic Order a recorded reading or a live session: Royal Mystic Tarot These tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. The owner of Royal Mystic Tarot is not legally responsible for the actions of decisions made by people who watch these videos. This helps support my channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this one. Thank you for your continued support. I have over 16 years of experience doing psychic readings professionally for clients all over the world.

Welcome to my channel, Bay of Fundy Fortunes. I am an empath and an intuitive reader. These are general readings. They may resonate with you on a personal level or they may not. I do two spreads that you can choose from. You can email me directly from here at natalietapley live.

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The Mystical Deep spread is geared to ask a specific question or concern. Payment is required in advance of the readings before they begin. Most Celtic Cross video readings last from minutes. The Mystical Deep Spread is 20 minutes minimum. If the readings are longer than stated here I do not charge extra for that.

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I will read until the cards have exhausted their messages. I accept e-transfers if you are within Canada or you can go to my site bayoffundyfortunes. Also at this time donations, gratuities or monetary tips are being accepted. Not everything is truth or appears to be what it really is. Fact or fiction - Are horoscopes and astrology real? Gemini Jul Horoscope: From my higher self to yours, Namaste. God Bless Dolly Manghat http:.