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Your strengths. You are highly intuitive and creative. Your mind thinks in pictures. You seem to draw information and ideas from out of the sky. Your intuition is.
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This is a year of new beginnings for you. You have been doing a lot of inner growth and inner work. Things may have fallen by the wayside, or perhaps you have made some drastic changes in your life. Now you are going to be encouraged to express your new self out into the world.

You are going to be encouraged to put yourself out there and show the world this new you. Starting new projects, doing things differently, and giving yourself a fresh new start are all going to be strong focuses for you this year. This is a year for you to keep building and moving forward. You are on the right path, and you are heading in the right direction, but now you need to ask others for help and look to others for guidance.


You are going to need support this year to help achieve your goals and go after your wishes. Learning to create trustworthy and solid partnerships is going to be a theme for you this year. This is a very profound and special year for you! You have a lot of creative potential on your side, and you are really going to be able to make leaps and bounds.

Whatever you desire you can have! You just need to believe in yourself and take the steps needed to create.

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Go big and go after your highest dreams and wishes for yourself. Be sure to also pay attention to your mind, body, and soul, and ensure you are allowing all of these facets to work as a team. There is a lot of spiritual growth and learning for you this year, especially when it comes to your family and loved ones. You may find that family karma comes up to be cleared, or you may feel drawn to reconnect with your roots in some way.

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Your family holds important clues as to what you have come to heal and release in this life, and where you can really grow and prosper. This year it is also important for you to create a sense of family and community around you so you feel safe and secure. This is also a year of spiritual advancement for you, so spending time meditating, and tuning into your inner voice will also be beneficial.

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This is a very creative year for you, and you are really being supported to take your visions and turn them into realities. If you work in a creative field, this year may be one of your best and you may find new doors and opportunities opening for you. This is also a wonderful year to tap into your creative side, and to make time to stretch and flex your creative muscles. This year may also bring a need to transform or you may find that through your newfound creativity, you are able to shift and change areas of your life that need to be updated.

Learning or studying something new and exciting may also be a good fit for you this year, in fact, anything that helps to expand the dimensions of your mind would be beneficial.

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This is a powerful healing year for you and a chance to mend wounds on a physical and emotional level. Pay particular attention to the needs of your body and be sure to make self-care a priority. Self-care is not just about taking a relaxing bath, but more so it is about setting boundaries and being disciplined enough to put yourself first.

Starting a new healthy eating program or an exercise routine would be a great step this year as you are likely to make a lot of progress. Investigating energy healing practices and learning some yourself may also be beneficial too. You are going to feel guided this year and you may find yourself walking a new path or reaching new heights when it comes to your spiritual growth and development.

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Your compassion makes people drawn to you and your leadership even though you may not see it. Believe it — you can persuade others and can actually be rather powerful. You are usually a late bloomer and need to surrender to the higher powers to define your life.

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Because of this you may be frustrated with life at times. Develop faith to form your foundation and develop your character. With your high level of emotions, you can be hurt easily and get depressed. Jealousy can get the best of your emotions. Lack of confidence and self-esteem issues can also hold you back. The overall definition of numerology is that life and the universe is an orderly system and numbers reflect our order in life.

Physical science shows there is no randomness. Consider looking at the stars and planets to see the orderliness. DNA also presents orderliness and same as the gestation and birth of a child. Our names and dates of birth are connected to our deepest inner being which may be hard for the rational mind to understand, unlike numbers. However, the mind understands relationships and the numbers in numerology show relationships. Your birthdate defines your purpose in life.

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